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When you come glamping with us you have access to Pukatea Hill. Its very easy to spend all your time here at the glamping site. . Relax, check out our interesting book collection, play a board game, relax in the bath for hours (surprisingly easy to do!) just sit back in a comfy chair outside with your chosen refreshments and unwind...If you seek a more active time take a walk in the early evening surrounded  in bush, birdsong, wild goats and  our herd of horses.   Pukatea Hill is a functioning horse back adventure center so we offer personally tailored rides to make your stay with us really special. If you wish to add horse trekking to your glamping experience please do this when you email. 



Groom your carefully chosen mount before we saddle up and head out to explore Pukatea Hill on horse back. This is a personally tailored ride where we move along to suit your level of experience and confidence. . Youll ride for around an hour  then we return to the site to unsaddle and wash the horses down.

This ride suits all experience levels.

We can plan the timing to suit and includes the option for a moonlight ride at the right time of the month

Cost: $150 for 2

Boar Creek river ride


After grooming your mount and getting ready we head out to the plateau land for a short ride just to make sure we have you on the right horse then we head down the bush track to the river valley and head up Boar Creek. Bush tracks and lots of water time! You will get wet shoes and pants! This ride is around 2 hours and more suited to people who have ridden before.

Cost: $260 for 2

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